Turning vision into value

SourceIN has a team of experts with specialist valuation skills and a reputation for providing high quality services. The team follows rigorous and seamless approach for each deliverable.

The team has performed numerous complex – domestic and cross-border valuations for financial reporting, transactions, management reviews, and legal, tax and regulatory purposes.  The engagements were with leading corporate; spread across various industries, domains, and geographies.

Our specialized valuation- skills make us ideally suited to prepare such independent valuation opinions. Our valuation opinions are defensible and thoroughly documented in order to provide support upon scrutiny by any regulatory bodies and third parties.

Our finance and accounting expertise, combined with its use and development of sophisticated valuation methodologies, caters even the most complex valuation requirements. The team constantly monitors changing regulations and guidelines and provides up to date advice to its clients.

Financial Reporting Valuation

The increasing use of fair value measurement in financial reporting has raised the profile of valuations from the perspective of management, shareholders, external auditors and regulators.

Our team is able to undertake financial reporting valuations in compliance with US GAAP and IFRS. We have extensive experience undertaking financial reporting valuations in relation to domestic and cross-border transactions. Attached is the broad spectrum within Financial Reporting Valuation requirements

Share Based Payments – ASC 718 (SFAS 123R)

Embedded Derivatives Valuation – ASC 815 (SFAS 133)

Purchase Price Allocations under US GAAP/IFRS – ASC 805 / IFRS 3

Goodwill and Intangible Asset Impairment analyses

Shares Based Payments and ESOPs

Intangible and Intellectual Property

Financial Instruments and Derivatives

Fund Raising

Business and Equity Valuation

Debt Restructuring

Strategic Partner


Management Review Valuation

An independent valuation opinion is always sought by the Management while considering any transaction as a part of major restructuring exercise or for accelerating the growth strategy.

Our Management Review Valuation Team uses a range of analytical techniques designed specifically around the value drivers of a specific industry. Management usually carries out Valuation for attached specific reasons for their internal reviews

Brands, Trademarks and Copyrights


Technology Knowhow, Software, and Databases

Customer List, Contracts and Relationships

Distribution Network and Franchisee Licensing Agreements

Non-Compete Agreements

Mineral and Other Natural Reserves

Intangible and Intellectual Property Valuation

Companies require intellectual property valuation for numerous critical reasons, including pricing and strategic purposes and for securing finance or for tax compliance.

SourceIn’s expertise in Valuation of Intangibles and Intellectual Property (IPs) includes marketing, customer, contracts and technology related properties. It includes attached Intangibles or IPs specifically